Safety First!

Don’t Risk the Consequences!

Maglok explosives storage units ensure you will have the maximum security for storing your explosives, detonators, ordnance, fireworks and other hazardous goods.

Just imagine the disastrous consequences to you and your company if your explosives or dangerous substances fell into the wrong hands!

Imagine the legal responsibilities to you if your dangerous products become unstable through exposure to the elements!

When It is Your Responsibility…

» Keep it dry
» Keep it safe
» Keep it in a Maglok!

All explosive staorge magazines and locker systems comply with Australian standards (AS2187.1-1998) and are quality manufactured with many superior features that make Maglok Australia are the No. 1 choice.

All Maglok boxes have the new standards of Australia ventilation system, lightning protection and are  fitted with computer engraved identification.


Maglok Australia Offers Units Ranging From Explosive Storage Day Boxes to
Any Size Required by Your Company!


Maglok Units Consist of …

  • 5mm steel external casing
  • 10mm steel door
  • Weather Shield above door
  • Vents to AS 2187.1-1998, 5mm external covers
  • Internal timber lining of 12 mm CD construction ply to walls, 17mm gloss laminated form ply to floor
  • 75mm insulation
  • 6-lever locking devices to AS 2187.1-1998 standards
  • Key retained on opening
  • 12 mm earthing bolt
  • 150mm steel bearers underneath with holding down provision
  • 100mm x 16mm flat steel lifting lugs
  • Explosive & Warning signage
  • Fully painted inside and out (white)
  • Identification & compliance plates
  • Optional removable sunroof
  • Internal Shelving to Customer’s requirements